Cut your own Flowers!

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Ben & Sally


Cut flowers are ready and better than ever!

Butternut Farm has 1/2 acres of “cut your own flowers” for wedding, parties and special events or to just have a few fresh flowers on your desk or table. We lost Sally last year but Ben is still ready for a hug, our golden retriever/bassett hound X dog. It is a child friendly garden and the perfect Kodak moment for grandchildren and brides. We charge by the pound and you will be surprised by how many flowers are in a pound (lots). The ideal time to cut flowers is before 10:00am or after 3:00pm, this is when the plants draw up water and will lastimg_1630 longer.  We also recommend that you take the water to the flowers meaning,  you should take the bucket of water into the garden and cut the flower and immediately put it into the water before the tubules can close off restricting water to be taken up.   This will add 3 days to the life of your flowers.  When you get home put the flowers in a cool dark place to rest.  Recut the stems as you arrange your flowers, remove all leaves that would be under the water and keep them out of the sun.  I don’t see a need for additives but you should change the water and rinse the stems daily.

Bring your buckets and clippers (or borrow ours) and have fun!



Buckets of flowers!

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